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The new home of The Enclave

We ended up at 2121 Academy Cir, 80909. We love this place! With a lot of hard work from every member of The Enclave and many, many wonderful friends, we have converted this place into something that we feel is lightyears past what we had before.

We’re settled in finally and ready for the Grand Opening on September 9th.

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Beautification of The Enclave

We spent a huge amount of time beautifying things here at The Enclave over the weekend. A bit of the old Spring cleaning in the Fall.

"This looks amazing! You must have spent hundreds of dollars to get this place looking so nice." - No one actually said this, but you might when you see the place.

We painted a few new things, cleaned Andy’s window, and things are looking great! Stop in for your free day of co-working at The Enclave!

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New Meetup Location

Starting on Wednesday, the 20th of October 2010, we will be moving the meetup from The Coffee Exchange to The Enclave itself. While The Coffee Exchange has been an awesome host to us over the past many months, we have our own home now and have decided that it is time for us to start doing the hosting.

So, we’re essentially opening up the space to anyone interested in co-working from 9am to noon. We will be providing Serranos coffee and waffles. How can you say no to coffee and waffles?

We hope you can join us!


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Coworking is working

We’re consistently working at The Enclave now on a daily basis. Come on in, the Internets are fine! If you’ve not already done so, you are free to come work beside us free for a day to check it out.

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LLC Formed!

We’re close enough to moving in that I went ahead and formed the LLC. This is a pretty solid near-final step toward getting the space off the ground. (source)